onsdag 29 februari 2012

Two nights ago

Home: "Dreams of a home symbolize domestic stability. The shape, size, and decor of a home is often how you see yourself. If you dream of your childhood home, then it represents either nostalgia or unresolved childhood issues. If it is your future dream home, then it represents a positivt outlook on the future."

Earthquake: "Dream of an earthquake represents enormous change and transformation taking place in the foundation of your life. Your beliefe systems are being rattled, perhaps so that you can find what is truly solid within you."

Tsunami: "Dreams of a tsunami represent an enormous emotional catharsis. You are undergoing a massiva, radical, and quantum change, physically, mentally, and spiritually."

Absence: "Dreams of the absence of someone you love denote that you are grieving and/or processing a loss and/or transition in your relationship. They are also a reflection of your feelings and attitudes about commitment and a message to become more present in your life."

Blue: "Dreams of the color blue symbolize clarity, peacefulness and truth."

Interpretations quoted from the book "I had the strangest dream - The Dreamer's Dictionary for the 21st Century".

Photo: Arad Hosseini
Nikon D90

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