tisdag 27 september 2011

Top 5 & Last, 2011...

Top 5 inspirations right now:
1. Henri Cartier-Bresson
2. Hien Loung
3. Collegehumor
4. Shane Dawson
5. Gale Beggy

Top 5 things about having a camera:
1. Probably one of the funniest hobbies you can have (at least if you ask me!)
2. Makes you really see the world and appreciate it
3. Rewarding projects
4. Express through pictures
5. Creates a balance in life

Top 5 songs in your life right now:
1. Pop Culture by Madeon
2. Lights (Bassnectar Remix) by Ellie Goulding
3. Guilt by Nero
4. Satan i gatan by Veronica Maggio
5. Snälla bli min by Veronica Maggio

Top 5 reasons why I'm addicted to Veronica Maggio:
1. Best way to wake up is to listen to a few of her songs
2. Girl is HAWT
3. Her songs can help you mentally escape an overcrowded bus
4. Nice lyrics combined with good melody = win
5. Great songs for photo-walks

Top 5 reasons why film photography rules:
1. The effort you put into every single shot...because you know that every frame counts
2. Great soft tones that digital can't capture
3. The not-knowing-part is a love/hate relationship
4. The moment when you are jumping up and down and waiting for the scanner to finish is awesome
5. People on the streets seem less hostile when I'm taking their picture

Top 5 hilarious rumors you've heard about yourself:
1. My hair is a black hole that absorbs everything within 10 meters
2. I still can't speak Swedish
3. I lie about not editing my photos
4. I scream at night
5. I have trust issues

Top 5 lessons you've learned since you did this Top 5 thing (a lot of 'Top 5') last year:
1. Being temporarily lactose-intolerant is lame (just recovered though!)
2. I've underestimated Veronica Maggio
3. It can happen, just believe
4. Film rules
5. Don't forget

Top 5 things about cleaning your room instead of studying:
1. You are suddenly super efficient and experience a determination to clean your room that you've never felt before
2. Even though you know you should be studying, you manage to convince yourself that you are doing something good and of value for mankind
3. You keep telling yourself "I've been wanting to do this for a while anyway, just didn't have the time" - and that makes you feel a lot better for not going through all the 20 amino acids in the human body
4. You will..."study a lot better when everything is clean". Does this seem familiar?
5. *Arad Hossini is AFK: Cleaning my room brb kkthxbye*

Last good advice:
"Läs The Fountainhead av Ayn Rand."

Last bad advice:

Last awkward moment:
"Ja, vi har skaffat ny bil! Den har inbyggd GPS, bluetooth etc..." Linus
*tar fram mobilen*
"Ok, så hur sätter man på bluetooth då?" Arad
"Eeeh...va?" Linus
"Bra att du 'skryter' med sånt som du inte ens vet hur de funkar..." Arad
"Men jaaaaaaaa jippie..." Linus

Last promise to self:
No. More. Cameras.

Last love:
My Hasselblad 503CW (bought it before I made that promise!!!) - [Insert Nerd Joke Here]

Last place you visited that you never want to go back to:

Last time you thought about quitting:
Last week. Those lab-calculations drain you like...a grass Pokémon drains a water Pokémon (it's super effective...I think...)

Last thing you would do if the world were to end tomorrow:
I'd watch the last sunrise with the people I care about

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  1. "3. It can happen, just believe"

    anspelar på förra tidigare inlägg? ;)

    "2. Girl is HAWT"