måndag 4 april 2011

I had the strangest dream...

Amusement park - Dreams of an amusement park symbolize your connection with your childlike, playful essence and to the joy of being alive.

Police - Dreams of the police signify protection and security, and that you are reinforcing your sense of justice and morality.

Camera - Dreams of a camera signify your desire to capture time, and that you are holding tightly to your past memories. If you are the one handling a camera, then you are processing feelings of being on the outside looking in.

Riddle - Dreaming of a riddle signifies transformation , that you are going through a rite of passage, initiation or challenge.

Run - If you are running toward someone or something, then you are motivated, inspired, passion and exited for the challenge/opportunity at hand.

Clock - Dreams of a clock represent concern about time, worry that you'll be late, and stress about the passage of time, time running out, or being behind schedule.

Late - Being late in a dream also signifies that you are releasing your fear of getting into trouble or being punished for being unprepared and a step behind.

Bench - Dreams of sitting on the sidelines or on the bench symbolize frustration, and mean that it is time for you to take time to watch, learn and reevaluate your life strategy.

Photo: Arad Hosseini

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  1. min mamma brukar drömma om mat, tror det betyder att hon är sugen på mat. :D

  2. "Dreams of food represent nourishment and influence. If you are cooking food, you're the one giving nourishment. If you are eating food, you are receiving nourishment, energy, stimulation, praise, acknowledgment and influence. Every type of food represent a specific type of support for your body, mind and soul."