fredag 21 januari 2011

A-log #10 - The Grand Finale

Well, I did it. I'm not sure how many times people told me "You should definitely get an afro" but I did it and it was actually really fun.

You would normally think that growing an afro wouldn't teach you anything, I mean it's just hairstyle right? Well...YOU ARE WRONG. It's a way of living - ok?! But seriously I did learn a few lessons during the 6 month-long process, here are some of them:

- Hands down it is a RIDICULOUSLY effective ice-breaker.
- No matter where, no matter when, no The Afro ALWAYS does it's work. Even though I'm not sure what that exactly means after 6 months.
- Apparently it made me look more "hug-able" which is then a good thing.
- If you are out of jokes and in a tight spot, just turn to the afro for guidance!
- From day one I've been hearing things like "You are probably hiding something in there..." or "Hey, do you think we can put this *shows random object* in your hair and make it completely disappear?!" or "ZOMG IT'S A BLACK HOLE" or " know what...I can't trust you anymore since I'm not sure what you are hiding in that afro of yours." And believe me, that's just a FRACTION of the quotes.
- It grows at an exponential rate. You bet it does.
- I was forced to buy a swimming cap because once my hair...sorry wet it became flat = fell down on my eyes and made me blind. After that I was considered "A danger/threat to yourself and everyone else in the same swimming pool" Fair enough, really.
- I became really easy to locate when in a big crowd.
- My afro reminded Mom of Dad's youth since apparently he had the same style (or at least after 3 months or so, don't think Dad ever managed to beat my 6 month-growth. HAH)
- IT COULD BE TURNED INTO A BACKSLICK *GASPS* Note: the effect only lasts temporary, after a few hours the afro's attempt to reorganize itself will greatly outweigh any resistance that any hair product can produce.

And that my friends is the end of the A-log series (tomorrow I'm getting rid of the afro). Hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed making them!
A voice pops up in my head:
" much as I enjoyed making them? You really couldn't find a bigger cliché to end with? Great way to end it all Arad, great way..."

Photo: Arad Hosseini

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  3. Nej din lille gris! Håller med personen ovan som kanske skulle kunna vara Adam. Stygg! Du är ju så fin så att man nästan tycker om dig nu. Göre inte!!

  4. ni är så fina <3 men hallå kan ju alltid fixa afro igen! ingen som säger att det inte går :)

  5. Linus Martinell23 januari 2011 02:56

    Araaaaad :(! Håååååret! Det som va så fluffigt :P!

    Gillar speciellt bild 4 på "nr 1" :)
    Sjukt såsig kille! :)

  6. @linus haha ja den är mysig :P trött kille