söndag 5 december 2010

The lady with the dog

06:09 - still snoozing.
06:18 - forced myself out of bed.
06:40 - I started questioning myself "Why am I doing this to myself..?" as I turned the key inside the lock and stepped outside.

Took the subway to city. Walked around and took some pictures, when suddenly I heard a voice behind me when I was at the giant Christmas tree.
"It's nice, isn't it?" a lady asked me in Swedish.
"It is, and the photos turn out great." I replied, also in Swedish.
She smiled and continued, telling me how she lives in one of the houses nearby. How a team of workers have been working on putting the tree, also known as "Stenbecksgranen", up for a month and how the decoration they've put up is a matter of interest to her.
"Do you see the gingerbread-figures? They all have individual names if you look closely. It's funny, isn't it?" she said as she pointed up to the little girl sitting in the middle of the tree. "If you walk a bit to the left you'll see a cow named Tyra."

Our conversation continued, but it was after our goodbye that I noticed the loyal dog walking next to her. The lady with the dog, I thought to myself as I turned back to the tree with a smile.

"It's funny, isn't it?"

Photo: Arad Hosseini

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  1. Linus "The Pro Gaming" Martinell5 december 2010 10:33

    I love christmas trees m8! I would love to tag along next time!

    And some beutiful pictures you took, looks awesomme

  2. I love how the focus of DSC_0203 is out of focus. I've always like that effect light has.