måndag 27 december 2010

Always & Never

For the past 18 months my camera has become a part of me that follows me around everywhere (well not everywhere but most places). The "fun" fact is that I've never accidentally left/forgotten my camera though, until today.

Now I usually don't run during winter because of the snow, and because of the fact that I consider it to be one of the few big NO-NOs you can do. You'll never know for sure where that layer of ice is located under that "thick" layer of snow. And besides, my guess it that falling down on the ground/taking a false step on the ice is not on anyone's "Top 10 things I want for Christmas"-list. Not saying I have one...*clears throat* anyway...

But in all seriousness the second I realized my camera wasn't with me, but left somewhere, completely available to any random person in the world to just pick it up, I turned around and ran before I could say "Skämtet...!!!"

And yeah...that's about it. Oh forgot to mention that I got to the place in time and that I (luckily) didn't lose it or anything. Cheers to that!

Photo: Arad Hosseini

5 kommentarer:

  1. Du glömde nämna att det är riskabelt att springa med bomber också eftersom de kan sprängas då ;)

  2. Afrot bromsar farten, men gör ändå att man springer snabbare.

  3. @Jonas Det överlåter jag till experterna!

    @Farling det låter som en gåtaaaaaaa

  4. @Smeknamn är inte tillgängligt använder en d90, favoritobjektivet är 24-70mm