tisdag 28 september 2010

Project - "X marks the jump"

Now I know what you're thinking..."What?! Where is the quiz?!" and the thing is that this week I swapped the quiz for something a little bit different, but hopefully equally fun!

It's a project called - "X marks the jump":
Where are you? Show how awesome your current location is with a jump.

Take a jump-picture of yourself (bring along your friends if you want!) at your location. It can be high school, university, job, supermarket, city, country - you name it!

Send the picture to arad.hosseini91@gmail.com before the end of the week. Don't forget to write where you took the pic, and if you want who you took the picture with. I'll upload all the pictures, unless you don't want your photo uploaded, next week.

Quality isn't everything, it should be the least of your concern...so don't worry if you don't have a camera with you. I mean...who is nerdy enough to always have a camera with them?!
*looks away*
But if you happen to have a camera with you use it, if not then use your phone, or figure out a solution that works fo' you.

I had to take the picture myself, since I was along in my garden. Something tells me that walking up to someone on the street saying "Hey, do you wanna....step inside my garden and help me with something...?" isn't gonna do the trick. Especially when it's dark. After countless of runs back and forth I got the focus and everything right.

So get your asses out there and jump for your location! And SPAM my email!

Photo: Arad Hosseini

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  2. my ass is always out jumpin