torsdag 9 september 2010

A-log #3

Recognize the song? Bet you do...

Great answers on yesterday's "Go wild" - keep it up!

Anna Banana saw the photo-contest with the theme "My Stockholm", and quickly sent me a message telling me to participate! I'm gathering material as I'm writing this, wish me luck guys!

Anyways, let your minds go crazy on today's "Go wild", which is: If you could pick one minor superpower, as in something that wouldn't affect your life in a significant way, which one would you pick and why?

Oscar's answer: Always-Green-Light-When-I-Cross-a-Busy-Crosswalk-Power

My answer: Whenever-You-Are-There-Public-Transport-Power. Catch my drift?

3 kommentarer:

  1. allways-be-on-time :D (but i already am, kinda, mostly but not allways...)

  2. Alltid vakna utvilad!!!! Oavsett sömnmängd

  3. Super-hang-over-resistance-power, oh wait a minute, already haz! x)

    Something else then... hmm, can't really descide between Know-all-actors-in-all-movies-power and Always-miss-the-train-conductor-power. Okey, the latter!! :D:D