lördag 21 augusti 2010

A place to call home

This morning the majority of all our relatives, who have been staying with us for a few days, left. Saying goodbye is always the hardest part, which is why Dorsai and I said good luck and take care until we see each other again.

A few days before their departure we decided to set off towards Bergshamra. Our goal was to find that special kind of gum - the ones you pay 1kr for and then go through a spiral of some sort until finally landing in the box where you can grab them - we used to buy as kids. We did what we had to do for us to buy them...which at one point meant "escaping" home for just a few mins so we could run up to the food-store - and that was 13 years ago!

There were 3 of us; Dorsai, Sahand and I. We brought two bikes with us, the only two that you can still use after my dad's bike got stolen (or forgotten at some random place by me!) and a longboard. Dont underestimate the speed and power of the longboard, kkthx.

After a few moments of disappointment, caused by the fact that they didn't sell the gum we wanted to buy, we decided to set our minds on something a bit more cheerful and quickly headed towards my old house.

Sometimes it can be really weird going back to places you've lived at. And sometimes that feeling of weirdness gets even weirder (lots of weirdness going on) when you go back to those places with people you share memories with. Does that make sense?

Last time we ran through those bushes behind us we were 6 years old, it was our little secret (or at least we thought it was secret) escape-route.

On the way back one of our bike's back-wheel "exploded" and there you go only 1 functional bike remaining! We were forced to walk the last distance back home, but it gave us some extra time to just talk; old memories filled our minds and the seemingly long way back was over before we could say:


The picture was taken with my phone, sorry for the quality!

Photo: Sahand

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