torsdag 19 augusti 2010

Persian invasion

So you guys remember the entry about some of our relatives visiting? Yeah, it all sort of changed two days ago - in a good way!

My mom knew nothing. My dad knew nothing. I knew nothing - Hell NOBODY knew anything! Or except my aunt, but she didn't say a word. Once we got home on Tuesday afternoon two more relatives had popped out of nowhere. It was an awesome surprise, but believe me when I say this:

It was just a warm-up for what was about to happen.

A few hours after the arrival of the others, the door rang. Now guess who it was if not 7 more relatives waiting to step inside with big smiles on their faces! None of us believed what we were seeing, and I have to admit I still have my moments when I think this is all a dream.

Believe it or not, but we are now 14 people (!!!) living in our house. We've NEVER had so many people staying! The house is packed! People everywhere, discussions going on, laughters are filling every room and the smell of yummy Persian food is covering the entire block.

I'll put up some photos for you to see.

Y'all crazy.

Photo: Arad Hosseini

2 kommentarer:

  1. Linus Martinell20 augusti 2010 00:36

    Shit va Nice m8 :)!!!!
    Kul med så många dära :)!!
    Gosh! vill också ha persisk mat! Crazy man!

  2. great post- and I really like your portrait photographs!!! - you've really caught the moments