tisdag 24 augusti 2010

It's time "Pizza King"

I'm getting an afro! Which is the "big" (haha get it?) news I wanted to share with you!

What else...what else...oh yeah I'm being laughed at everyday (or not laughed AT, sounds way too serious than what it is. They are laughing with me! I hope...) by the staff that works in the restaurant at work because of what I order at lunch.

I mean cmon if you don't like fish and the meat doesn't look all that nom nom then OF COURSE you turn around and voilá there you have the yummy pizza menu, right?! But ok maybe (MAYBE) I've overdone it a few times. Especially when Dad's colleagues have started to call me "The Pizza King" and before I've even set my foot in the building the staff has picked out a coca cola for me since they know what I'm going to order.

Sometimes I surprised even myself, but hey at least I'm making someones day a little happier by being me!

Photo: Arad Hosseini

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