måndag 16 augusti 2010

Daniel's goodbye

A few people are leaving for universities across the country, Daniel is one of them. Yesterday was his last day in Stockholm. so I took the liberty of inviting myself (as I normally do) and we spent a few hours chilling, eating milkshake and looking through Daniel's old school stuff; one of them being the envelope on the picture, from himself, which he wasn't supposed to open until 2022! I know I got mine somewhere in the house as well, just haven't found it yet...

But what I wanted to say was good luck in Norrköping! I'll come visit as soon as I can, be sure of it. And as a grand finale I'll once again put up the most epic picture of us ever taken. You knew it was coming!

I'm sorry that I can't fit everyone leaving in the same entry, but I do wish you all a BIG GOOD LUCK!

As for me? I'm stuck here in Stockholm for now!

Photo: Arad Hosseini and Tove Siri

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