tisdag 31 augusti 2010

"Men ofta du väljer Kirby..."

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Det är svårt att glömma hur många gångar man har suttit och spelar Super Smash Brothers med polare, hur intensivt det blev när folk var på väg att förlora och alla gånger man har slagit vad om att man kan vinna över den andra utan problem.

Det är också svårt att glömma hur jag råkade spilla mat rakt på konsolen när jag var liten meeeeeeeeeen det är ju en helt annan grej!

Hoppa med gul, slå vanligt med blå, special-slag med grön, greppa och kasta iväg med grå och använd riktningsknappen för att slå extra imba. Juste! Glöm inte att ta upp föremål med blå!

Lycka till, nu kör vi.

"Rör ingenting medan jag väljer bana nu..."

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måndag 30 augusti 2010

Thank you for smok...reading

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For those of you who don't know, Thank you for smoking is a movie-title.

Just felt an urge of saying thank you - to everyone reading and sharing their thoughts about the things I write about and publish on Colour in life. It never gets old hearing people say that they've read, or started to read, what's available on this site.

Everyday I check my "invisible" people-counter (don't worry its anonymous, I can only see where my visitors are from!) to see how many unique visitors, returning visitors and page loads I've had during that specific day, week, month - you name it.

Here are the reasons why:
1. It's fun, in a way...
2. Gives me an overview of what kind of topics are interesting (sooooooort of...)
3. The day I beat my all time record I'll do something wild.

Anyways back to what I was saying...so I honestly only know like half of the people reading the blog. To the other 50% well...I just don't know you are, yet! Which is why it's always so awesome to hear someone say that they've read the blog or comment on something I've written. Because it means that you've taken time from your busy schedules (or not so busy if you refer to yourself as "Terrie" - inside joke) to catch up on what I've got to say through words or what I got to show through pictures. It's been one of the really cool aspects of writing, and something I never imagined when I started writing on this little blog.

So...thank you for reading! I've learned quite a lot of lessons by just writing (believe it or not!) and maybe, just maybe, you've gained something out of it as well.

And oh - this is NOT a goodbye or anything (just realized that it might be interpreted that way)

'Cause hey...we still have a long way to go, right? :)

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söndag 29 augusti 2010

"Jag behöver glass. Glass, är det enda jag behöver"

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Bilderna är från Danderyds loppis!

Senare, samma kväll:

Efter 30 min av diskussioner kring vilken film (så fort man är fler än 2 personer tar det ALLTID lång tid) vi ska se på stod det: 3 för, 1 mot.

Jag var mot. Linus stannar några meter innan kön och säger:
"Men Arad vill inte se den här..."
"Nej men det blir säkert skitbra..!"

Varpå Jesper hoppar in och delar med sig av sin åsikt:
"Aaa...ni får fan ta och ge er för annars tar jag och åker...Glassen smälter!!"
Jag svarar:
"Känns ju tryggt att Jesper värderar sin b-glass mer än sina vänner"

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torsdag 26 augusti 2010

Afro-log # 1 (A-log)

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Notice the cool transition between pic 3 and 4. Happy to clueless in 1 second - it takes years of practice before you can pull it off.

Been watching this guy for a couple of days now - check out his videos if you are looking for a laugh!

"...to the land of AIDS"

tisdag 24 augusti 2010

It's time "Pizza King"

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I'm getting an afro! Which is the "big" (haha get it?) news I wanted to share with you!

What else...what else...oh yeah I'm being laughed at everyday (or not laughed AT, sounds way too serious than what it is. They are laughing with me! I hope...) by the staff that works in the restaurant at work because of what I order at lunch.

I mean cmon if you don't like fish and the meat doesn't look all that nom nom then OF COURSE you turn around and voilá there you have the yummy pizza menu, right?! But ok maybe (MAYBE) I've overdone it a few times. Especially when Dad's colleagues have started to call me "The Pizza King" and before I've even set my foot in the building the staff has picked out a coca cola for me since they know what I'm going to order.

Sometimes I surprised even myself, but hey at least I'm making someones day a little happier by being me!

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måndag 23 augusti 2010

The house is getting ready to sleep but something is illuminating the rooms

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I knew it...I knew it...stupid focus didn't work as I wanted it to, but don't judge! I also have something to share. A news of some sort...but I'll keep you guys guessing until tomorrow. HAH

"Come come come back soon...
I would trade away the stars and moon...
If you came came came back soon..."

- Brooklyn Sun, Salem Al Fakir
(You can find it on Whatevah, if you've subscribed *fingers crossed*)

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lördag 21 augusti 2010

A place to call home

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This morning the majority of all our relatives, who have been staying with us for a few days, left. Saying goodbye is always the hardest part, which is why Dorsai and I said good luck and take care until we see each other again.

A few days before their departure we decided to set off towards Bergshamra. Our goal was to find that special kind of gum - the ones you pay 1kr for and then go through a spiral of some sort until finally landing in the box where you can grab them - we used to buy as kids. We did what we had to do for us to buy them...which at one point meant "escaping" home for just a few mins so we could run up to the food-store - and that was 13 years ago!

There were 3 of us; Dorsai, Sahand and I. We brought two bikes with us, the only two that you can still use after my dad's bike got stolen (or forgotten at some random place by me!) and a longboard. Dont underestimate the speed and power of the longboard, kkthx.

After a few moments of disappointment, caused by the fact that they didn't sell the gum we wanted to buy, we decided to set our minds on something a bit more cheerful and quickly headed towards my old house.

Sometimes it can be really weird going back to places you've lived at. And sometimes that feeling of weirdness gets even weirder (lots of weirdness going on) when you go back to those places with people you share memories with. Does that make sense?

Last time we ran through those bushes behind us we were 6 years old, it was our little secret (or at least we thought it was secret) escape-route.

On the way back one of our bike's back-wheel "exploded" and there you go only 1 functional bike remaining! We were forced to walk the last distance back home, but it gave us some extra time to just talk; old memories filled our minds and the seemingly long way back was over before we could say:


The picture was taken with my phone, sorry for the quality!

Photo: Sahand

torsdag 19 augusti 2010

Persian invasion

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So you guys remember the entry about some of our relatives visiting? Yeah, it all sort of changed two days ago - in a good way!

My mom knew nothing. My dad knew nothing. I knew nothing - Hell NOBODY knew anything! Or except my aunt, but she didn't say a word. Once we got home on Tuesday afternoon two more relatives had popped out of nowhere. It was an awesome surprise, but believe me when I say this:

It was just a warm-up for what was about to happen.

A few hours after the arrival of the others, the door rang. Now guess who it was if not 7 more relatives waiting to step inside with big smiles on their faces! None of us believed what we were seeing, and I have to admit I still have my moments when I think this is all a dream.

Believe it or not, but we are now 14 people (!!!) living in our house. We've NEVER had so many people staying! The house is packed! People everywhere, discussions going on, laughters are filling every room and the smell of yummy Persian food is covering the entire block.

I'll put up some photos for you to see.

Y'all crazy.

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tisdag 17 augusti 2010


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Thought I'd put up a few photos with a bit more colour than those in my previous entries. They might seem random, but all of them have a story behind them. CURIOUS?

I know you are.

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måndag 16 augusti 2010

Daniel's goodbye

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A few people are leaving for universities across the country, Daniel is one of them. Yesterday was his last day in Stockholm. so I took the liberty of inviting myself (as I normally do) and we spent a few hours chilling, eating milkshake and looking through Daniel's old school stuff; one of them being the envelope on the picture, from himself, which he wasn't supposed to open until 2022! I know I got mine somewhere in the house as well, just haven't found it yet...

But what I wanted to say was good luck in Norrköping! I'll come visit as soon as I can, be sure of it. And as a grand finale I'll once again put up the most epic picture of us ever taken. You knew it was coming!

I'm sorry that I can't fit everyone leaving in the same entry, but I do wish you all a BIG GOOD LUCK!

As for me? I'm stuck here in Stockholm for now!

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söndag 15 augusti 2010


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Its almost like being back in Iran! Persian food nom nom nom nom

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torsdag 12 augusti 2010


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Syskon är underskattade.

Folk tror oftast att "Fan vad nice det måste vara att vara ensambarn". Jag ryser lite varje gång jag hör det, kollar lite på personen och hoppas på att något tecken av att personen skämtade ska visa sig...men jag väntar förgäves. Visst, jag lovar att ni kanske bråkar lite då och då eller blir lite irriterade på varandra. Ni kanske befinner er i en situation då ni verkligen inte fattar hur den andre kan tänka som han/hon gör. Eller så kanske ni är bästa vänner!

Men det finns faktiskt något oerhört värdefullt med att vara syskon. Eller så känner jag. Tänker inte berätta vad det är, ni får lista ut det själva och förstå vad jag menar på egen hand om ni inte redan gjort det!

Avsaknaden av ett syskon är kanske det jobbigaste som finns. Tydligen är det sånt jag kommer att tänka på en sån här torsdagskväll. Att vara ensambarn är inte "Fyfan vad nice!!!" För ett tag sen, innan oförklarliga händelser ägde rum som fick allt att slängas omkull och ändras, så fanns det en person jag kunde kalla för syster. Stora syster, faktiskt. Våra päron hade känt varandra innan vår födsel, eller iaf min. När det väl var min tur att säga hej till den här världen så var du bland de första jag lärde känna. Vi visste ju det knappast då men genom åren som följde skulle vi ha extremt roligt tillsammans.

Du är 3 år äldre än jag, så jag fick ta del av händelser i ditt liv som snart skulle komma att äga rum i mitt. Desto äldre vi blev desto mer diskuterade vi, gav stöd men också varningar...saker man bör undvika. Första skivan jag någonsin gick på var din, en oförglömlig kväll där jag fick se konsekvenserna av att inte kunna lambo-texten.

Jag vet inte när vi började kalla varandra för syskon, men det kändes som det mest självklara någonsin.

Dessvärre, som jag sa, hände lite grejer, saker jag inte riktigt förstått helt även idag, som tvingade bort oss från varandra. Och sen blev det bara tyst...

Efter 19 år blev det bara tyst...

"Det innebär att hennes existens var så viktigt för dig, att du kände dig så trygg med henne och därför kunde kalla henne för din syster."
Oavsett vad som hade hänt kunde vi prata om det
Äta tomat med salt, eller typ salt med tomat (ler)
Kolla på Ice Age och dö av skratt
Spela piano
Hon var...
"Mest av allt är jag ledsen över Arad och Xs relation"

Så jag hoppas ni förstår, hoppas ni inser, att syskon är något speciellt. Och att det finns stunder då det absolut suger att vara ensambarn...

"Man inser sällan värdet av något fantastiskt förrän man förlorat det."

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onsdag 11 augusti 2010

Catch up

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Candy that reminds you of your childhood
Discussions that can go on forever
Memories of epic moments

"Do you remember when..."

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