måndag 24 maj 2010

Top 5...

Few days ago Erik sent me a link to a site where famous skateboarders had answered questions called "Top 5 and Last". He rewrote some of them, sent them to me and encouraged me to post them on my blog. Here they are!

Top 5 inspirations right now:
1. People who follow their own ideas
2. My friends
3. Beat Jerkeez
4. Everything that has nothing to do with my physics book
5. Ash Ketchum

Top 5 things about longboards:
1. Can take you almost anywhere in no time
2. Racing with people on bicycles and win (magic)
3. You can just cruiiiiiise around lookin' fiiiiiiiine
4. Chicks think they are interesting (good opener!)
5. You can tell everyone how you were too cool for skateboarding and wanted to do something original (but the truth is you failed so much at skateboarding that longboarding became the only solution that could guarantee your survival)

Top 5 hilarious rumors you’ve heard about yourself:
1. I smoke
2. I steal bicycles
3. I plant bombs every weekend at public locations
4. I work as a part-time cleaner/janitor
5. I don't speak Swedish

Top 5 lessons you’ve learned since you started your blog:
1. Be true to yourself
2. To publish entries that feel "right"
3. Balance
4. Difficult times will pass
5. Don't forget the lessons learned

Top 5 things about being the only Persian guy at school:
1. I can walk around and speak Farsi without anyone understanding a single word
2. I get to have Persian (the pokemon) on my overall (WIN)
3. People are afraid to threaten me because they think I'll nuke their sorry asses
4. People are also afraid that my cousins will jump down from the ceiling and backstab them
5. Our country has the coolest flag (the old one)

Top 5 things about having a camera:
1. Immune against dares - somebody has to record them, right?
2. You never know when you see a potential good photo and nail it
3. Events are immortalized
4. You can go paparazzi-mode whenever you feel like it
5. You look important, and professional, when you walk around with a big flash without even having to take a single photo. You know...the big flashes = secret trick

Top 5 things about drinking milk instead of juice:
1. Its a killer combination with more things than juice is, who can say no to milk and cinnamon buns? I KNOW I CANT.
2. Ice cold milk is epic and probably unbeatable
3. Its healthy! (It was inevitable)
4. You get to read all the crazy shit written on the back of the milk-boxes, and trust me there is a looooooot of crazy things written there...
5. Devil's juice...need I say more, Fantastic Four?

Top 5 reasons why apple grows on trees:
1. Cause somebody has to get knocked down by them when passing by
2. Climbing trees is fun - so it only makes it funnier to grab an apple, right?
3. Our tree in our garden would be useless if they didn't
4. No other fruit wanted that location
5. They are so overpowered

Last good advice:
"Take it easy"

Last bad advice:
"Get a piercing"

Last awkward moment:
Skype-conversation with Linus (when ISN'T it awkward?!)

Last promise to self:
Yesterday. "Don't eat that cupcake."

Last love:
Cupcake I ate yesterday.

Last fabulous picture taken:
10 secs ago, I'm on a roooooooooll

Last place you visited that you never want to go back to:
Nightmare last night, don't know where it was

Last time you thought about quitting:
This weekend, studying for the last cursed physics-test

Last thing you would do if the world were to end tomorrow:
Remind my friends how much I appreciate them

Photo: Mahbobe Mehrabi

5 kommentarer:

  1. Linus Martinell24 maj 2010 19:54

    Hahaha Sjukt bra inlägg :D! Hoppas många skrattar lika mkt som jag när jag läste och hur våran skype konversation medans jag skrev detta blev fett steeel... ehhhhhhhhhh
    Haha :)

    I appreciate you aswell m8!!! :D

  2. Haha biya ba Kunsgholmen så kommer halva skolan veta precis vad du säger!

    appreciate doesn't cover it, I LOVE YOU! <3 (känner du kärleken som ba strålar igenom cyber space?)

  3. coolt inlägg, i liek it! :D

  4. OH I FEEL ZE LÖV! <3 vad roligt att ni uppskattar det :D

  5. Lätt ett bra inlägg! Mjölk FTW ;)